Who wants to be a travel writer?

I am starting this blog with a focus on travel. Travel? You ask. Yes, travel, physically moving from one place to another, exploring, seeing new things……..and of course time travel! Well who gets to do that? Rich people? People without kids? Travelings hippies? Correct! But that’s not all? Anyone can do it you see, it just takes some time, an honest desire and well I guess some money. But hell out of all of these, what does it usually take the most of? guts! gusto! machismo! You may say great, well that doesn’t excite me much, I have a job, a family to raise, bills to pay, dinners, appointments, anniversaries, workouts, the nail salon, acupuncture and my smart phone hobby to maintain. No matter anyway you slice it, no matter how much you ignore it we all have some sort of an innate desire to see new places, get away, unplug if you will……

I want to provide a platform for people to talk about what type of travel they do. Work travel, vacation travel, short term trips, long term trips such as living abroad. How do you make it work? Do you generate income while on the road to support your travels or do you just save up and spend a budgeted amount of money? These may seem like simple questions, but there are plenty of people out there in the world who would love to know their options for having the freedom to work in exotic and interesting places. Me being one of them. For me this is a learning experience, my experience traveling has been limited compared to most. I have been all over Sweden, Norway and some of Denmark. I have been to the Dominican Republic, Cabo San Lucas and Cancun, Mexico. My most recent trip was a family vacation to Cancun, Mexico in January. Now I plan to do a lot more travel but hey I only get so much vacation time a year (more than most). Sure, I have a great job and I am truly blessed to have it but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I would love to find a way to make money on the road.  You know, the ultimate freedom.  One of my biggest inspirations for traveling is SCUBA DIVING.

Clowning around
Clowning around
My family.....aren't they awesome?!
My family…..aren’t they awesome?!
Statues, an amazing underwater art exhibit.
Statues, an amazing underwater art exhibit.
Coral growth on statues. Marine Preserves such as this one in Cancun can preserve biological and cultural resources simultaneously in a naturally artistic way.
Coral growth on statues. Marine Preserves such as this one in Cancun can preserve biological and cultural resources simultaneously in a naturally artistic way.

I want you to tell me your inspiration, your purpose for travel, is there a mission involved or is it just plain old fun? Some people are just out there getting “involved” in the international scene, some conduct mission/charity work, some conduct research and others want to start a business or non-profit to effectively change the world by helping people and their environments. Whatever your scenario, I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT, and others do too…… Lets use this blog as a jumping off point to get your story out there. What do you want people to know about that you love that involves travel? Just think if even half of all of your friend’s friends on Facebook starting reading this blog tomorrow, with your inspiring article, you would have an audience of potentially thousands in a short time 🙂

Well, I don’t want to get on too many tangents here, but hey if your interested in potentially contributing to this blog as a traveler, I want to hear from YOU! YES, YOU! Don’t be shy now, it’s just the internet. And if your real good I might even interview you 😉 I have a lot of ideas of where I might want to take this blog, but for now, lets just get it started. Thanks for reading!  Buy the ticket……..take the ride.

My cousin Arthur is flying to Switzerland tomorrow…..might he be the first contributor?

Okay, Ciao for now, I am heading to Mammoth Mountain for a few runs!


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